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Poster: Purple Gel Date: Jul 7, 2012 5:01pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Chances are your young daughter idolizes this douchebag. (non-dead)

This post wasn't really supposed to be about abortion itself, the comment about "believing" was more about using the language correctly and responsibly. His views, and yours, are obviously different than mine, and I'm happy to debate them with you outside of this forum, but he's entitled to them and he's entitled to voice them, as are you and I.

I absolutely object to a role model for young girls saying that there is some kind of bigger purpose behind someone becoming pregnant from rape. And I will call out anybody who makes that assertion.

Young girls, who are bombarded with media images of impossibly thin women and who grow up in a culture that encourages early sexualization of our children have a tough enough time navigating through the confusing issue of what is appropriate and what isn't. His comment that there is a "reason"was a direct response to a question about rape victims who become pregnant and was irresponsible.

This guy has millions of fans (some boys, but mostly girls) that are not even 10 years old. You and I, as adults, can read a statement like that and we can process it intellectually and reasonably. An 8 year old girl who reads it is likely to think that he means either that the rape, and consequent pregnancy, was some sort of plan by God, or that the victim gave the rapist a reason to commit the crime.

I think that words and how you use them definitely matter. You and I can debate about what he really meant, but ultimately we can only go by what he said. There are plenty of people in this country who believe and say that women are mostly responsible for being raped because of their clothes, their statements, their state of sobriety etc and that a rape pregnancy is the work of God. I think it's despicable. I also think he probably meant exactly what he said. People usually do, and if they misspeak, they usually clarify their statement later. But regardless of what he really meant, for him to say that there is a reason behind an act of hate and violence is likely to confuse young minds that cannot process the subtleties of language.

His age is no excuse either. He's 18 years old, which makes him an adult who can vote (in Canada at least), go to war etc. Being a role model comes with responsibilities, especially if you are targeting young kids with your music.

I don't think it's unreasonable to expect adults to act and speak responsibly, especially if their words could affect our children.

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Poster: AltheaRose Date: Jul 7, 2012 8:16pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: actually my kid can't stand him (and I thought that was the norm for boys or, well, anyone over 12)

I just see it as backwash from the digital era.

Right now, if you're a celebrity (or a politician) and you sneeze in a funny way, that image can be digitally grabbed and disseminated ad infinitum until the sneeze takes on some huge importance.

If he were a normal 18-year-old, this is exactly the age when he might say something like that in his college class or freshman dorm and someone else (the prof? a senior?) might say what you or Ringo or JackaRoe said and he'd maybe change his mind and maybe not, depending on what his friends thought and whether the senior was someone he thought was cool.

But he hasn't had a "normal" life and he's not a "normal" 18 year old, so yeah, maybe in theory he should know better, but then he'd say and do something ELSE dumb or potentially controversial and THAT would get magnified. Such is the digital era and its obsession with celebrity-hood.

Tween idols used to be not only created by the studios, but carefully controlled and marketed, so it wasn't too hard to speak "responsibly." Oh, and JFK had affairs that the press winked at. And so on and so forth. Imagine Mary Todd Lincoln in the age of tweet.

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